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A All Animal Control of Dallas TX has experts in Snake Control, Snake Removal and Snake Exclusion. Our list of services also include Wildlife Management, Animal Control, Animal Removal and Cleaning and Repairs for Residential, Industrial and Commercial Properties in Texas.

A All Animal Control of Dallas TX has Snake Removal experts that understand snakes in your home is an emergency and we offer 24 hour emergency Snake Removal Service. A All Animal Control of Dallas TX Texas offers snake removal and snake control throughout Monroe County Texas.

Snake removal is dangerous and should only be done by a trained professional.Texas's three most dangerous species of venomous snakes include the rattlesnake, massagauga, and copperhead. These dangerous snakes can cause serious injury even death. The Rattlesnake, and the Massagauga are commonly found in homes and commercial and industrial areas of Dallas. If you encounter a snake you should immediately distance yourself. If possible keep visual contact on the snake, and call A All Animal Control of Dallas to remove the snake from your home or business. We specialize in:

  • Rattlesnakes in your home
  • Snakes in your house
  • Snakes in your yard
  • Snake in your business
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  • A common reaction to a snake regardless whether it be in your home or on your property is to kill it even if it may not pose a threat. The fact is that most snakes in the local area are harmless. Even dangerous snakes would rather flee than fight. You should never attempt to kill a snake as this could lead to a dangerous snake bite.

    Snakes are reptiles and belong to the same group of animals as lizards, turtles and crocodiles. Reptiles have dry scales that shed periodically. Reptiles cannot generate body heat and depend on external sources to raise their body temperature.

    Snakes differ from other reptiles by having no legs, ears, or eyelids, and by having only one functional lung. The most notable characteristic of a snake is its extremely long, slender body which allows it to effortlessly climb, swim, and slip into the smallest spaces including your Texas home and basement. Although snakes lack ears and cannot technically hear, they do have the ability to detect low frequency vibrations from the air and ground. Instead of eyelids, snakes have a clear scale covering for each eye. The shedding of this scale causes the eye to cloud over for a few days, which led to the myth that snakes go blind during certain times of the year in Dallas Texas.

    How can you get Rid of Snakes in your Texas home? The key to getting rid of snakes from your Dallas home is sealing up all the entry points and eliminating the major food sources including mice, spiders, crickets and other insects that inhabit your home. This should be done by a professional because you never want to seal a snake up inside your home.

    Most snakes that enter homes and garages are looking for a food source. If you have a snake in your garage or home you should contact a professional snake removal company to make recommendations to solve your problem completely. Simply removing the snake DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM! The snakes food source must be removed.

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